WordPress Missed Schedule Posts Plugin

We released our first plugin on GitHub called WordPress Missed Schedule Posts Plugin

This plugin auto publishes all the scheduled posts missed by the WordPress cron. Earlier we were using some other plugin for this functionality, but now that particular plugin is not available on wordpress.org and the plugin code has a lot of legacy stuff which we don’t want to use.

This plugin will run every 15 minutes and check for missed scheduled posts. It will publish 20 posts in one run to avoid timeout issue on the site. It also uses transient / cache to avoid performance issues.

For developers, we added constants to tweak above values incase required. They can use WPMSP_INTERVAL constant to define interval in seconds, default value is 15 * MINUTE_IN_SECONDS. Another constant we have used in the plugin is WPMSP_POST_LIMIT, to define how many posts you want to process in a single run. Default value is 20. We also recommend keeping this post limit as low as possible and the interval as high as possible. These values always depend on the site traffic and post publish frequency.

For now we have only published on GitHub, we will try to push the plugin on wordpress.org asap.

Feel free to reach out to us incase you have any questions.

Happy Coding!

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