5 Must Have Tools for Startup

In your initial days in startup, it is really important that you take every step carefully and precisely. As a founder, You have to take care of many things like Internal Communication, Client Contact, Task Management, Human Resources and so on. So, here’s a set of online tools we use to reduce some of the day to day issues and help us to increase the productivity of work.



A team collaboration tool, which brings all communication in one place, anything from your github push notification, Twitter feeds, Calendar notifications to other 100+ different service integrations. We use free version which is providing us 10 free integration (sufficient for now). It is available for iOS, Android, Mac & Windows Desktop also and Trust me it is really amazing. And Yes, sign up is free.


Google App for Work

It includes Gmail, Google Drive, Google Hangouts, Google Calendar, Google Docs and many more google products which help us for productivity.  These are available for free to the consumer. Google App for work include Company related features like Custom Domains ([email protected]). We tried many other solutions for mails but we finally found google app for work as a perfect and reliable solution. We are using per user plan which is costing us $5 per month per user, but totally worth it. Try Google App for work free for 30 days.



Asana is the easiest way for teams to track their work. We can easily manage tasks, sub-tasks and multiple projects through this project management tool.  Usually one probably assigns tasks or projects to their team through emails, which can lead to many issues.  These issues may include an incoherent record of communications related to a task, difficulty tracking a task’s progress, and difficulty progressing multiple projects simultaneously.  With this tool, comments are centralized and recorded on a task’s  page, along with other meta data, such as when the task was created, when it was assigned, who is managing the task, when is the due date, and other information.  Ultimately, these  features should help you manage your multiple objectives and team members. Also you can get started for free.


Agile CRM

Customer Relationship Management or CRM is a software which helps in managing your brand’s engagement with your current and future customers. Agile helps us automate our sales and marketing in one platform. It allows you to build, organise and present database of your customer information which you and your team can update as and when new information about is discovered. It also facilitates better collaboration among teams and gives management deeper insights into individual performance and overall business growth. It’s free for upto 10 users. And is affordable thereafter. Sign up here.


Charlie HR

Charlie is a Human Resource Management platform that helps us handle our HR administration in a quick and easy way. From on-boarding, payroll, managing freelancers, it does it well. It also sends across smart notifications for reminders. The best part is all the data is authenticated using advanced encryption standards making us feel safe and secure. And yes, it is free.


Happy working!


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