A Chance of Hello World!

In this fast-moving world of today, with the extreme hustle-bustle all around us, with people running to get through their monotonous lives and trying to be happy, living with the mistakes they made, or the mess they created, everyone here dreams of a chance! A chance to start again with a clean slate. As we programmers always use, a chance to create a new variable. And a chance to initialize and define the scope of that new variable. Because as life goes on, we learn to polish things; we learn to make better diamonds from coal. And that is what we now have woken up for!

For all the coal we dug, we now stand here to convert them into beautiful diamonds. And thus we start with “New Variable”! Where we plan to define things differently, but easily. With New Variable, we plan to add a beautiful icing on the cake of WordPress. Here, we are looking forward to creating plugins that can make your tasks easier; and can be used by anyone and everyone.

Stay on and follow us to know more about us! Also, feel free to contact us through the contact form. You can pitch in your suggestions, thoughts to us anytime. What you feel is missing in WordPress, what you think people need and a lot more?!

You can also drop in new ideas that you have and want us to work on. Please drop by to our [email protected] and get your ideas listed. We are always in for a cool ‘n’ catchy thing to work upon!

We plan to help people; and you can help us too!

Stay tuned! 🙂

Let’s build something great, Contact us.

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